CSP 20201130 Alpenhotel 290
CSP 20201130 Alpenhotel 290

Join a virtual journey of discovery in the hotel

Alpenhotel Montafon in Schruns

If you want to get a virtual picture of the 4 star Superior Hotel Alpenhotel Montafon, you can now do so in advance via the Internet on the website of the hotel in Vorarlberg.

A virtual journey of discovery through the hotel in Austria

The holiday can now be planned much better through a virtual tour: The Alpenhotel Montafon has digitized the entire hotel into a 3D tour and can also be experienced from home via Google Street View in Schruns / Austria. So you can already look forward to the luxury hotel in Vorarlberg and the extensive holiday enjoyment in Schruns. A virtual tour on the Internet means that you can virtually navigate through every room and every hotel room in the hotel at the click of a mouse, without really being on site in Schruns. The 360-degree tour of the hotel was implemented by 3DRundblick.at.

Several ways to enter the hotel on the Internet

You can either click through the virtually accessible hotel rooms with a computer mouse to get around, but there is also the option to use the keyboard (arrow keys) to look around and move through the entire hotel. If you want to sit back comfortably, you can also simply press the play button and the virtual tour starts by itself as a digital foray through the hotel. The virtual view works in full-screen mode on the desktop PC or on the smartphone (mobile phone).

Floor plan and tips for a tour of the hotel

If you get a bird’s eye view of the floor plan, you have all the information about the hotel at a glance. If you want to travel with a larger group for a seminar, you already have enough information for planning in advance, as the luxurious seminar area can be explored virtually in advance and is even displayed in Google Maps.

Virtual Glasses Hotel in Vorarlberg / Austria

With VR glasses (virtual glasses, e.g. META Quest 2), the 360-degree tour can be used even more realistically. With the VR glasses it will be a real 360 degree 3D tour of the hotel.

Fancy a digital viewing?

Walk through the entire hotel and get ready for the grandiose holiday feeling that you will experience in the Alpenhotel Montafon, the virtual tour makes it possible. Take a look at the training, sauna and bathing area. Walk virtually past the hotel rooms and feel the anticipation that you feel. Explore the seminar area & also through the outdoor area.

Let’s get started

The interactive tour in Alpenhotel Montafon makes you look forward to it and the desire for more. Enjoy the virtual tour of the 4 star hotel and look forward to your stay.