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Your hiking holiday in Montafon

If you have ever set out in the early hours of morning and trudged through the forest while there is still a bit of a chill in the air, gradually climbing higher and higher seemingly accompanied by the sun itself, then you definitely understand why the mountains are so appealing. If you continue your journey all the way to the summit, where you take your first extended break – stretched out somewhere on the green grass, staring up at the sky – it’s something that will never let you out of its grip: that fascination of the mountains – a quiet relationship, one that only fully matures over time, yet one that generally lasts forever…

“Mountains are silent masters that make for silent pupils.”
Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Or as Reinhold Stecher once said: “Mountains are silent teachers. They neither discuss, argue or convince. They safeguard – to this day – vast spaces of silence”.

Hiking in its various forms

In future, we would like to dedicate ourselves even more to hiking in its various forms, such as night hiking, speed hiking or meditative hiking. We will be accompanied by Imelda, who is a passionate hiking guide.

  • Hike to Gauenstein Monastery
  • Alpkulturweg Golm-Grüneck
  • Mountain breakfast on the Gargellen
  • Llama trekking tour
  • 4,000 steps to the Schlafes Bruder
  • Maisäss hike

Hiking in Montafon

  • 1,400 km of hiking paths
  • Numerous mountain huts for refreshments
  • Guided hikes
  • 270 km of bike paths
  • 7 E-bike rental stations
  • Fixed-cable climbs and mountaineering tours
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